Saturday, August 12, 2006

Open thread - give me your suggestions or corrections!

There are alot of very sharp and observant animation fans out there who have kept me honset over the years. Their input has greatly improved the quality and quantity of what you see. Here's a big Thanks to all those who have helped.

And I certainly continue to welcome contributions. Feel free to jump in with your suggestions for gags I haven't included yet or for corrections to anything I have published. Please be as specific as possible! Thanks again!

Updates - August 2006

It's a newsflash - the site is undergoing revisions as we speak!
Among the things being done:
  • many new entries being added, some existing ones are being revised
  • lots of images are being replaced with better quality ones
  • audio files are being converted to mp3
  • this blog is being added to replace the old message board
Stay tuned for more info! Ongoing specific details can be found on the site News/Updates Page.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Favorite gags?

After you have devoted a chunk of your day picking through the many gags at the site, maybe you have noticed some which were especially interesting. Hmm...?

This thread is for sharing your opinions on which gags are the best! So whadya think?


Here are some of the questions and topics which seem to appear most often in emails to me.

Did you spot all of these yourself?
  • No! The idea for this site was born out of discussions with other fans of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. We'd dig around for these little hidden gags as a way to enjoy the films on an even deeper level. Others were discovered from places like the LT&MM Cartoon Companion and Tuco's Looney Lists. Many others have been suggested via email from visitors or through the messageboard this blog replaced. Please keep the suggestions coming!

Can I suggest a gag? Or point out corrections to the ones you have?

  • Absolutely! Suggestions and comments like this have helped me make it the site it is today. That is one of the primary reasons for this blog! There is always an open thread on this blog which is where you should submit your contributions.

Do you have many more gags left to add to the site?

  • Yes! I have literally dozens of them which have not been written up yet. In fact I probably have over 100 more to investigate or write up. They are in my notes but for whatever reasons I haven't gotten around to many of them - I may need to capture them yet, may not have the film in my collection yet or may not have had the time to add it. Sadly, this site is strictly being done for the fun of it and so often the "real world" limits the time I have for this.